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  • Dedicated, and secure connection.
  • Best connectivity solution for your business
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Why Your Business Need Leased Line

A leased-line is a private internet or data connection that is reserved for you only. An internet connection is an essential requirement of business nowadays. Or we can say that the company depends on the internet. Almost everything we do in business involves the internet, such as sending files and using software for communication with customers. That is why it is essential to have an internet connection that is 100% reliable. A broadband internet is not a reliable option as you may lose the connectivity, and it can waste several working hours. However, a leased line is your private connection so that you can enjoy a perfect speed and latency. 

Why Your Business Need Leased Line

We understand the importance of an internet network for your company or business. No matter if you are a small company with a few employees or a big enterprise with hundreds of employees, we are passionate to provide you with a fast, reliable and flexible internet connection that fulfils all your requirements and meets your budget.

We help you in finding the best leased line connection that meets your business needs. Select one of the following options that describe your business below.

Small and medium Business

Find the leased line packages that are suitable for small and medium businesses with 1 to 30 employees.

Large Business

We bring you the best leased line that is perfect for you if you own a large business that includes 31-500 employees.

Corporate Organization

Perfect leased line solution for a corporate organization having more than 500 employees.

Ethernet First Mile
  • It is an affordable and popular way that provides your business with dedicated connectivity.
  • Available through copper cables.
  • Network speed is up to 30Mbps.
  • Suitable for VoIP calls and video conferencing.
  • Widely available throughout the UK.
  • It is an Ethernet connection that provides your business with a cost-effective leased line connection.
  • You can have an internet speed between 2-20 MBPS depending upon the provider.
  • In case of supply failure, guaranteed SLA service.
  • Highly secure network.
  • Available through fibre ethernet or copper.
Fibre Flex Leased Line
  • It is a product that provides you with a symmetrical speed of 200 MBs, and you can use 1GB without paying an extra cost.
  • Delivered through GPON network.
  • Symmetric connectivity.
  • 24/7 Available
  • High-quality support and guaranteed SLA
Fibre Ethernet
  • It is the best connectivity solution for your business, and available at the best affordable prices.
  • It provides upload/download speed up to 10 GB.
  • Excellent Security.
  • 24/7 contact centre support available.
  • Installed within 70 working days.
Point To Point Leased Line
  • Now you can connect multiple locations via a point to point leased line.
  • Available through copper or fibre Ethernet.
  • It is a highly secure network, with low latency.
  • It provides upload or download speed up to 10Gbps.
  • Reliable data backup.
  • Guaranteed SLA in case of network failure.
  • It is a centralized connectivity network service.
  • Highly secure and resilient.
  • Cost effective network option for your business.
  • Agility and quick deployment.